ONOMOTION delivers new e-Cargobikes to UPS Germany    

Berlin, Hamburg 08. April 2022 – UPS is the next CEP service provider to join ONOMOTION’s customer base. The tech company is supplying the global logistics provider in Hamburg and in Cologne with a total of 10 new ONOs. UPS is thus expanding its contingent of Cargobikes and extending sustainable parcel delivery in Hamburg and Cologne.  

The parking provider APCOA cooperates with UPS and offers space for the establishment of micro-depots, which are required for temporary storage of packages. By using central parking areas as transshipment points and providing modern operating equipment, ONOMOTION and APCOA are significantly supporting UPS in making the last mile of parcel logistics even more environmentally friendly and efficient. 

UPS already relies on delivery with cargo bikes in more than 30 cities. In the pilot project with ONOMOTION, 7 e-cargo bikes have already been in use in Hamburg since the end of February. If the cooperation is successful, an expanded use and scaling of the project is to be tackled. For this step, the cooperation with APCOA is also important, as APCOA can offer micro-hubs in the central city areas. ONOMOTION and UPS are already using the micro-depots provided by APCOA in various cities. 

“The cooperation of ONOMOTION, UPS and APCOA consistently contributes to an improvement of the cityscape as well as climate and to the implementation of sensible city logistics. A sustainable emission-free delivery can only be guaranteed in the interaction of all players. The aim is to improve the quality of life and air and to achieve a reduction in traffic volumes in urban areas. The integration of micro-hubs also ensures a reduction in vacant spaces in parking garages,” says Beres Seelbach, CEO of ONOMOTION. 

“In 2012, we started delivering parcels in Hamburg via micro-depots and with cargo bikes in the city center. Since then, we have learned a lot and have continuously optimized our city logistics. UPS now delivers packages in 30 cities in Germany using cargo bikes. The lighthouse project in Hamburg also impressed UPS internationally, and we now have projects like this in many cities around the world, such as Paris, Dublin and Portland (USA). Two major challenges are: finding the possibility of a micro-depot in the city center and getting reliable operating equipment, i.e. cargo bikes. That’s why the partnerships with APCOA and ONOMOTION are key for us,” said Frank Jorgensen, President UPS Germany, Austria, Switzerland. 

“Partnerships like this one with ONOMOTION and UPS strengthen the relevance of our city-hubs for sustainable city logistics,” added David Müller, Director Urban Hubs at APCOA. “We look forward to actively shaping change and bringing quality of life back to cities.” 

The move of ONOMOTION to its new headquarters in Berlin-Mitte followed in February.