EIT InnoEnergy and ONO partner to transform urban logistics

  • EIT InnoEnergy invests 3 million euros in ONO (ONOMOTION GmbH) over the next two years and provides support for a Europe-wide launch in 2022
  • The ONO Pedal Assisted Transporter will make its debut this fall in Germany Berlin – October 1st, 2020

EIT InnoEnergy, the innovation engine for sustainable energy across Europe, has unveiled a new partnership with ONO, a Berlin-based pioneer in emission-free last mile urban transport solutions. The partnership will see EIT InnoEnergy support ONO in the rollout of its Pedal Assisted Transporter (PAT) Pioneers Edition, lending both financial support as well as connecting ONO to its vast European partner ecosystem.

The ONO PAT is set to launch this fall in Berlin, Munich, Leipzig and Langeoog. The electric transporter combines the flexibility of a bicycle, with the capacity and durability of a transport van, and is technically classified as an e-cargo bike. The result is a purposefully-built and forward- thinking solution to serve the growing demand for clean transportation within cities.

On the financial side, EIT InnoEnergy will be contributing 3 million euros over the next two years. That will allow ONO to fully prepare for its 2022 broader European launch as an important milestone to reach its long term goal of having 14,000 vehicles on the road in more than 60 cities by 2025.

A Modular Solution

The ONO PAT features a fully modular platform with interchangeable module-units that can be exchanged within a minute. Designed with Tier 1 automotive parts and manufacturing processes, and an easy-swap battery system for about sixty kilometres in range, the ONO PAT is locally emission-free.

The ONO PAT’s design bears the hallmarks of ONO’s co-founder and head of design, Murat Günak, former head of design at Mercedes Benz and Volkswagen.

“I’ve long been interested in breaking free from the form factors that are predominant in personal transport,” said the celebrated designer. “We have come up with a one of a kind vehicle that is very much in line with modern urban life and the sustainable attitudes of companies and consumers around the world.”

With its cargo capacity of 2.1 cubic metres the ONO PAT is suitable for a wide variety of commercial uses across a number of different sectors. The initial rollout will focus on the rapidly expanding CEP (Courier, Express, and Parcel) market, including an already announced pilot with Hermes.

“Europe’s CEP market alone was valued at 58 billion euros in 2018 while showing an annual growth rate of 8%, with the last mile delivery representing the crucial and most cost-intensive piece of the overall supply chain. At the same time there is an important push towards decarbonizing transport,” said Beres Seelbach, CEO of ONO.

“Our collaboration with EIT InnoEnergy and the other project partners enables us to perfectly address the needs of the CEP market in Europe, allowing for continual growth in further market segments while decreasing car traffic and emissions,” added Philipp Kahle, ONO’s head of engineering.

The ambitions of ONO go far beyond Europe’s CEP market. ONO’s modular design and low operating costs make the innovative solution well suited for the retail, catering and passenger transport sectors.

“We are seeing a noticeable shift in the way people and goods are being moved in our urban centers,” said Jennifer Dungs, Thematic Field Leader Energy for Transport and Mobility at EIT InnoEnergy. “Many cities are launching initiatives to use this opportunity to make long-lasting improvements to urban life – ONO is uniquely positioned to play a major role in these reimagined urban spaces.”

A Cost-Effective Solution

Beyond offering a great opportunity to decrease emissions, a study comparing delivery vehicles has shown ONO to be the most cost-effective solution for urban transport, with around 20% lower operating costs than alternatives. Thanks to EIT InnoEnergy’s and the other partners’ engagement, ONO will have the opportunity to further decrease production costs, resulting in an even lower total cost of ownership.

Partners of the innovation project include urban indoor farming company InFarm and e-bility, maker of Kumpan Electric e-scooters.

About EIT InnoEnergy

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